The Hippies 2nd year of life
For the LOVE of WEED and whatever makes you happy man. Lets journey together to Utopia, JUST cause we CAN!!!!
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Be Fearless. Destroy it all!

Back in Action

While I’ve taken my leave from tumblr, I’ve learnt a whole lot and im keen to share.

#1: sQuishy.

She is the dyke in our group. Shes a ball of funny, quirky and jam crazy squishyness! Shes alot of fun too! She loves beer and believes in bacon and boobs. my fav quote: “i want you to sit on my face with your vagina, Suhn!!”

La Familia Tribute

Well i have a very close knit circle of friends. They are amazing mate! with slogans such as: “suhn” , “mfuneks-bruh”, “chinese’, “mtshana” “bruh-bruh”. Oh I’m sure you get it. I’m going to introduce to each of them soon. Each of them have a peculiarity to them, ill explain.

The love i possess for these select few is beyond me. Take a look!

ILL CITY BITCH> East londons shit!

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